Lifelong Learners Week

September 10th - 14th

Are you looking for something a bit different to learn about but dont want to commit to a full course? Then this may be your opportunity to try something new. You are never too old to learn and we are actively encouraging a more senior audience to participate in our talks/workshops throughout the week.

The different topics will have different elements to them and may even include practical activities. It is anticipated that each session will be about 1 hour long and there will be 2 sessions per day one at 11am and one at 2pm.

Come along and learn about some fascinating topics throughout the week:

Monday 10th September 'The Observatory Science Centre Archives.' Helen Weeks 

Come and take a look at some of the archives held here at The Observatory, and learn more about them and what they were used for when the Centre was a working observatory.

Tuesday 11th September: 'Barn Owls in the Garden.' Sandra Voss

A chance to share the experiences in photos and video about a pair of barn owls raising their family in a country cottage garden. 

It has been an absolute priviledge to have had barn owls nesting in our garden this year. Little did we know that the wildlife camera my husband and I bought for each other at Christmas would be put to such good use! Come and learn a little more about barn owls through photographs and video from nesting to fledging. There are some great ah moments, some very funny moments and some fascinating footage I would like to share with you, including the incredible noise they make.

Wednesday 12th September 'The History of the Royal Greenwich Observatory at Herstmonceux'. Barry Howse

This world famous scientific institution was founded in 1675 by Charles II and throughout its 323-year history made significant contributions to navigation, the measurement of time and not least, our understanding of the Universe. Why did it relocate from Greenwich to Herstmonceux and what problems were encountered with the move? Who were the people employed here and what work did they undertake? What is the significance of the large silver dome that has been a feature of the local landscape for over fifty years? These and many other questions will be answered during an informative talk about a time that for many was considered to be a golden age for British astronomy. There will also be a chance to view rare archive photos from the RGO years at Herstmonceux.

Thursday 13th September 'Upcycling' Rachel Watson

‘Upcycling is a craft skill which can be utilised for the home, leisure vehicles, garden items and much more. Why not bring back to life a tired piece of furniture either you are considering getting rid of or a piece you have found at a local tip or charity shop. Some of our best pieces are the old ones, lovingly crafted by skilled workers. Isn’t it a shame to see these end up as fire wood and replaced in our homes by flat pack ones. Lets get together and change this. I will be giving some advice, tips and techniques of how to achieve your desired outcome and tools and materials required to achieve a quality finish.’


Friday 14th September '3D Like It Used To Be' Jeremy Harrison

With the recent boom in 3D cinema and virtual reality, it would be safe to assume 3D is a fairly recent invention. The real story however, goes back at least 150 years - almost to the birth of photography itself.

In this session we will look at the Victorian system of imaging and have access to over 1000 images and several types of viewers. We will travel back in time to a middle class parlour and witness the wonders of the age!