Bridge Building Workshop

School groups can participate in a Bridge Building Workshop which is a physical, fun activity led and supervised by a member of science centre staff. Pupils will be encouraged to work together as a team to construct, test and then disassemble the bridge.

The activity lasts up to 30 minutes and is included in the basic admission price.

Depending on the age and ability of the children, some groups will require physical assistance from their supervising adults, whilst others are encouraged to work together with less help. To date children aged 4+ up have participated and successfully built their bridges: and then walked across them!

The group may construct an Arch Bridge or a Truss Bridge, or both if time permits.  The activity normally takes place within our geodesic domes or outside on the grass in the better weather.

During this workshop it is essential that pupils listen to the team leader: the member of science centre staff.
Telephone: 01323 832731

Bridge Building Resources

Our pre / post resources compliment the bridge building workshop.... check the orange buttons on this page.
We would love to receive your feedback so please let us know how your pupils get on if you use these sheets in class.
PLUS: we would love to receive bridge building photos from your visit to The Observatory Science Centre so please get in touch.
Pre-Visit Discussion Topics
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Bridge Design Project
Bridge Model Construction Project
Post Visit Revision Sheet
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