Schools Outdoor Exhibits

The giant interactive exhibits explore themes of forces, movement, genetics and sound in a way that is not only ‘hands-on' but often ‘feet-on' too!  Many of these exciting exhibits require more than one person to operate them which encourages group participation and team work.

Some pupils look upon these areas as a playground in which to have fun, not even realising that they are learning at the same time!

During your day each group will be timetabled approx 30 minutes to the Discovery Park and Water Areas: subject to your arrival / departure times and other booked activities.  

Cost: these areas are included in your basic admission of £4.95 per pupil.
Each exhibit has an explainer alongside with information of not only of how to use the exhibit, but of what is happening and why.  Just watch the older pupils with these amazing exhibits - don't ever believe a teenager that says they are too old to play!
The exhibits are on all weather surfaces, but as an outdoor facility they may not be useable in all weathers, especially as they are accessed across grass.
The water exhibits are drained and switched off in the winter months.

All pupils require close supervision in the outdoor areas and younger children may need adult assistance with some of the exhibits.  Appropriate clothing / footwear should be worn.