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The Observatory Science Centre
East Sussex
BN27 1RN
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Weekend Activities


Join us for some fantastic fun activities on special weekends through the year. We start with our Activity Weekend to help celebrate British Science Week; this will be packed with various activities (tbc). We then progress to our Bubbletastic Bank holiday special which is then followed by International SUNday. The final special weekend will be our annual Astronomy Festival (see separate page for further details).
British Science Week Activity Weekend
'Discover our World'

17th and 18th March

To end British Science Week we are adding something extra to the programme. This is all within your admission price. 'Discover our World' explores everything from engineering to earth science with a bit of chemistry thrown in!

Among the activities there will be a science show 'Operation Earth' and activities to accompany this show including making an origami plant pot. In addition you will be able to discover what an Automata model is and build one too. There will also be an opportunity to make slime and find out what it is and why 2 liquids make a solid!
All this PLUS Antweight Robot Wars with Steve McGuinness. Test your skills in building and operating a radio controlled robot. Challenge other drivers to a Sumo battle or try your hand at the time trial obstacle course. Learn about radio control systems, traction versus speed, improve your construction skills, and most of all have fun battling the opposition!
Bubbletastic Weekend

Saturday 5th - Monday 7th May

Join in the fun during our Bubbletastic Weekend for the Bank Holiday. Create the most spectacular bubbles, find out what it is like to stand in a bubble, try to make the biggest bubble you can and even see if you can make a square bubble - is that really possible?

Our bubble wall in the Light and Colour exhibition will also explain what you are looking at and why you see what you see. No pre-booking required and this activity is FREE with your normal admission.