Telescope Discovery Tour & Workshop

A package desgned to educate and enthral pupils with a tour of the historic telescope domes, including handling of artefacts used by the astronomers; plus telescope making activity.

Pupils will have the opportunity to discover how the astronomers would have worked at The Royal Observatory, how the telescopes were used and what can be learnt from them.

Groups of pupils have a structured timetable including three x 30 minute sessions:
  • How a refractor telescope works, plus artefact handling.
  • How a reflector telescope works, plus artefact handling.
  • Telescope making with lenses and tubes.

In between these staff-led sessions there are opportunities to explore the hands-on exhibits indoors and out (weather permitting), to have lunch, visit the shop etc.

Pupils must remain under the supervision of their group leaders at all times.

£7.25 per pupil
Supervising adults FREE - 1 adult is required per group.

Minimum charge for 15
Telescope Discovery Risk Assessment