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Science Projects
31st March - 23rd April:3 weeks of Spectacular Science!
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Join us for exciting science week activities.
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There are opportunities to join the team. Please check ABOUT US section of this website.
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The Observatory Science Centre
East Sussex
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British Science Week

British Science Week (BSW): March

This is a ten-day programme of science, technology, engineering and maths event and activities that take place across the UK.

The Centre offers a special programme for pre-booked groups, plus an activity weekend and open evening for all visitors.

BSW at The Centre

Each year we celebrate British Science Week with a Spectacular programme when we launch a new science show.

This show is offered alongside a workshop and our interactive exhibits and, where appropriate the science show and workshop compliment the BSW theme.
See galleries below for themes of recent years.

This is a popular time for school visits and places are limited so we recommend you book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.
Cost and How to Book

£5.90 per pupil: Science Show, Workshop and Hands-On Exhibits (indoors and out).
ALL supervising adults free of charge.

Shows last 30 - 40 minutes and take place throughout the day in the geodesic dome.
Telephone: 01323 832731


Flaming Tornado Demo Our show for British Science Week 2017 is 'CHANGING WORLD'

This will be presented to pre-booked groups in March 2017 as follows:
FRIDAY 10th 

Places are limited - please call us to check availability.
What is Change?
.....from the birth of the Earth: a journey exploring the natural changes of our dynamic Earth through time including demos of continental drift, tectonic plates, volcanoes, mountain ranges and earthquakes.

The journey continues to consider the impacts humans have made to climate change and extreme weather including demos of thunder, lightning and fire tornados.

What are the consequences of human development and technological change and how does our modern lifestyle impact on our planet?

What small steps can we take to make a positive change in the future?

Lander Workshop

Key Stage 2 / 3 pupils can have an activity such as The Lander Workshop, alongside the Science Show and interactive exhibits.

When explorer craft are sent to other planets, a ‘Lander' is often launched to investigate the surface. Pupils will be given criteria to consider and will work in groups to design and make a lander from assorted junk items. The pay load could be a raw egg and the lander will be attached to a water rocket and fired!

The workshop lasts approx. 45 minute and groups will participate throughout the day.

Changing World Risk Assessment
Generic Science Show Risk Assessment
BSW in March
British Science Week (BSW) is a 10-day programme of around 4500 events running throughout the whole of the UK with the aim of celebrating science, engineering and technology and its importance in our lives. With no restrictions on who can organise events, the topics on which they are focused, the audience or the venue, the resulting programme is a hugely varied and eclectic mix suitable for people of all ages and abilities.
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