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There are opportunities to join the team. Please check ABOUT US section of this website.
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Exciting programme of Events & Activities now in place for the 2017 season
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Exciting programme in place for the October mid-term. Join us for science and astronomy edutainment.
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The Observatory Science Centre
East Sussex
BN27 1RN
Tel: 01323 832731
Fax: 01323 832741

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Weather Forecast

The Centre has plenty to offer no matter what the weather, so check the latest forecast from the Herstmonceux weather station to help you decide whether to bring sun cream or an umbrella!

Please be aware that as with all glass fronted buildings, the main corridor is very hard to heat and we advise all visitors to wear appropriate clothing and footwear. The outdoor exhibit areas may not be open in all weathers. There is no heating in the telescope domes and the temperature can drop rapidly - especially if you are visiting during an open evening.
The staff are priviliged to be on site when The Centre may be closed.  We would like to share with you some weather related images.