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Exciting programme of Events & Activities now in place for the 2017 season
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Exciting programme in place for the October mid-term. Join us for science and astronomy edutainment.
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Light and Colour Exhibits

Light and colour is a darkened space where the exhibits have surprising outcomes.

Some of the scientific principles explored in this exhibition form the basis of technology used by the telescopes.We look at everything around us using light. Colour, which is light of different wavelengths and frequencies, dominates our lives from reading danger signs to seeing if fruit is ripe to eat.

Investigate many different aspects of light and colour in this fascinating exhibition. The photographs show Coloured Shadows an exhibit demonstrating how just three colours - red, green and blue - can be mixed to form all the colours of the rainbow and the Spark Disc showing sparks being attracted to your fingertips like lightening to a conductor.
Light and Colour Exhibit List