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The Observatory Science Centre
East Sussex
BN27 1RN
Tel: 01323 832731
Fax: 01323 832741

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Themed Evenings

We are looking forward to a packed calendar once more. 

We will again be including a wonderful mix of events and with astronomy close to our hearts there will hopefully be an opportunity to look through our fantastic telescopes, some of the largest working instruments in the country.  


While the Centre makes every effort to accomodate wheel chair users and others with mobility issues, by virtue of the nature of the building (grade II* listed), the telescopes are accessed by steep narrow stairs. If you require further information please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Motive for Murder

Saturday 19th May 2018

Oh my Goodness! Who would have thought it! Why would anyone wish to do something so awful? What could possibly be the motive for murder????? Join us for a most splendid evening of tragedy at our Museums at Night event. Partake in a delightful buffet, immerse yourself in the murky world of weird and complete the night with viewing the night sky through historic telescopes.

Numbers are limited to 80 so book early to secure your place(s)

Time:    7.30pm - midnight
Cost:     £32 per person (10% discount for groups of 8 or more in a single booking)


Please phone the Centre on 01323 832731 to secure your places.

Please bring a torch with you; preferably red light (these are available in the shop)

Adults only
Adult Lates: The Summer Triangle

26th May 2018: Art Night 
30th June 2018: Cinema Night 
28th July 2018: Music Night 

Come and experience a trio of contemporary events including an exhibition of modern art, screening of a sci-fi classic and a local band. These evenings are reserved for adults only. A bar is available.

Time:   7.30pm - midnight
Cost:    £12 pre-booked or £15 on the door (Special offer: £30 per person if all three events are pre-booked at the same time).
Science of Beer Curry Night

Saturday 2nd June 2018 

Beer and a curry; what's not to love about that combination? Enjoy a fascinating evening learning about the process of brewing beer and then take the opportunity to sample some local brew; this is an evening not to be missed!

If that was not enough we will also provide a delicious curry and a voucher to sample a free beer of your choice (soft drinks and wine are also available). A vegetarian curry option is available but we are unable to offer alternatives to the curry. If the weather is good then there will ALSO be an opportunity to look through the Centre's fantastic historic telescopes at some fascinating night sky objects including Jupiter.

There will be a cash bar throughout the event. and the opportunity to take beer home.

Numbers are limited to a total of 80 so book early to secure your place.

Time:    7.30pm - midnight
Cost:     £32 per person

Taurid meteor Comets and Curry

Saturday 17th 
November 2018

Come and enjoy a warming curry and an informative talk by a guest speaker. You can also look for shooting stars associated with the Leonids meteor shower as well as the tail end of the Taurids meteor shower (weather permitting). 

The Taurids shower marks the time when the Earth passes through the dust trail of comet Encke. The debris left behind by comet Enke is the largest in the inner solar system and it takes several weeks for the Earth to pass through it giving an extended period of activity; 20th October - 30th November. The peak activity for the Taurids is 12th November so we will only be catching a few bright streaks of light.

The second meteor shower is the Leonids which occurs as Earth passes through the deris trail left behind by comet Tempel-Tuttle. These meteors are very fast and often leave persistent trains behind them. The peak activity is the evening of the 18th November. The natural limits of the shower are over a much shorter duration than for the Taurids; 15th - 20th November.

While we don't use the telescopes to spot meteors, if the weather does permit you will get the chance to look at some other interesting celestial objects through the large telescopes.

The evening aims to be both informal and informative. If the weather is unsuitable on themed evenings, the talk will go ahead regardless and a comprehensive tour of the telescopes will replace viewing.

Numbers are limited to 80, so book early to secure your place. There is a meat and a vegetarian dish but there is NO alternative menu to the curry. A bar will be available on the evening.

Time:   7pm - 11.30pm
Cost:    £32 per person 


Please phone the Centre on 01323 832731 to secure your places.

Please bring a torch with you; preferably red light (these are available in the shop)
How to Book

To make a booking please telephone the Centre and reserve your place using a credit or debit card. On-line booking may be available for specific events. This will be indicated in the relevant section describing the event.

Telephone: 01323 832731

Refund policy: Any refunds will incur a £5 administration charge. Please note; we will not be able to refund any bookings within 7 days of the event taking place.
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Telephone: 01323 832731
We will be re-opening at 6.30pm on the 3rd March. With clear skies we will be looking through the telescopes (some of the largest in the country) at some fascinating night sky objects including the magnificent MOON. Alongside the historic telescopes there will be the smaller telescopes of amateur astronomers. Viewing is always weather permitting and if you are travelling some distance please phone The Centre before you make the journey to check our forecast. On cloudy nights we usually offer a planetarium style show if there are enough people in The Centre. Regular admission price applies but if you are visiting during the day and would like to return for the evening, then take advantage of our special offer of just £5 per person with a valid receipt.
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