Schools Twilight Visit

Twilight Visit

Visiting The Centre after normal daylight hours 'The Observatory in the Dark' is an exciting experience for everyone.

A Twilight Visit can be a year round option but if astronomy is the emphasis for your visit, then it is best to book between October - March as you will view through an historic telescope - weather permitting.

Our Twilight Visit package includes: food, hands-on exhibits, atmospheric Telescope Tour and viewing (weather permitting). A workshop activity (e.g.bridge building) and outdoor exhibits can only be included if your group are on site during daylight. 

You can schedule the start of your visit from mid-afternoon onwards and we schedule your programme to the arrival / departure times you require.

An example itinerary:
Arrive to explore the interactive exhibits. Outdoor areas may / may not be accessible depending on light levels.
Food is then served in our cafe consisting of jacket potato with cheese and/or beans, muffin / cake, piece of fruit and a drink.
Options can be discussed with the cafe manager.

An atmospheric Telescope Tour will take place led by science centre staff - with actual viewing through an historic telescope subject to weather conditions.

Cost: Hands-on exhibits, Catering and Telescope Tour £10.75 per pupil.
Minimum charge for 20.
All supervising adults FREE admission, catering £4.50 pp if required.

Important Information

Twilight Visits require particular regard for Health and Safety, especially if the visit is completely after sunset: our Risk Assessment is available on this page.

Everyone should wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions. Remember that the temperature drops rapidly and there is no heating in the telescope domes.

Pupils / adults can bring a torch for the walk to / from the coach park: optional red light for astronomy, but not essential.

The visit will proceed regardless of weather conditions and viewing through a telescope cannot be guaranteed. The telescopes cannot see through cloud, nor can they be set up quickly if there is a brief break in cloud cover.

We are developing a contingency of projecting images from our mobile planetarium so your group will have a worthwile visit regardless of the weather.
Twilight Visit Risk Assessment