Educational, stimulating and fun

ScienceWorks are portable table-top interactive exhibits designed to fit in a classroom.  The exhibitions have been specially developed for use in primary schools to assist in the teaching of the National Curriculum and are a useful tool in cross-curricular activities.

The flexibility of the ‘hands-on' approach of these exhibits means that it is unnecessary to have prior scientific knowledge.

Hands-on, interactive exhibits encourage investigation and curiosity engaging pupils through exploration and experimentation. They are exciting and educational, offering an alternative to the everyday learning environment of the classroom.

Communication skills are stretched as pupils discuss and explore the activities and ScienceWorks are ideal for children with special educational needs.
MaterialWorks Atoms, Change of State, Compression Bottles, Filters, Flow, Inappropriate Materials, Insulation, Mixing and Unmixing, Surfaces, Types of Materials, Video Microscope, Viscosity.

A detailed exhibit list is available to download.
ForceWorks Balance Table, Centre of Gravity, Direction of Forces, Magnetic Pendulum, Magnets, Pressure, Pulleys, Resolution, See Stress,  Skid Test, Spinning Tops, Structures.

A detailed exhibit list is available to download.
LightWorks Anamorphs, Bendy Mirrors, Frozen Shadows, Laser Amazer,       Light Table, Mirror Drawing, Mirror Maze, Mixing Coloured Light,
Model Eye, Optical Fibres, Pinhole Camera, Zoetrope.

A detailed exhibit list is available to download.
SoundWorks Bucket Radio, Delay Phone, Ear Clangers, Hearing Test, Model Ears, Resonance, Sound Patterns, Stereo Hearing, Standing Wave, Tea Chest Bass, Tube Tangle, Vibrating String.

A detailed exhibit list is available to download.
ElectricityWorks Circuits, Circuit Tester, Conductors, Electromagnet, Generator, Human Battery, Magnets and Electricity, Morse Code, Resistance, Solar Power, Static Electricity, Wind Power.

A detailed exhibit list is available to download.
LifeWorks Animal Sounds, Animal Vision, Balance, Body Parts, Digestion, Fossil Find, Human Torso, Key, Reaction Timer, Skeleton Hand,
Sunflower, Video Microscope.

A detailed exhibit list is available to download.

Cost and How to Book

One day hire: a member of our staff will attend to set up and pack down the exhibits and to help enocurage children's investigations and scienctific language. Q&A sessions can be included subject to your timetable.  £200 (+vat) plus distance charge.

Travel is free within a 20 mile radius of The Centre (BN27 1RN) but beyond this charges apply.

Please speak to us about hiring the exhibits for more than one day, without an attendent member of staff. Weekly options available.

You will be sent an invoice with your booking confirmation.
Payment is required 14 days prior to delivery.

To check availability, make a booking, or just to ask further questions please contact The Centre.
Telephone: 01323 832731

Important Information

Room requirements
Each exhibition will easily fit into a hall, library, gym etc.
They require 12 standard sized tables approx 110 x 60 cm (or similar) and access to a minimum of 2 mains electricty sockets.

Delivery and Collection

One day hire:
At the time of booking we will agree the programme for your day, including start / finish time.

Two day + hire:
We aim to deliver on the weekday before your booking begins and collect at the end of the last day (or during the next weekday). It may not be possible to specify exact times.

Assistance will be required if the exhibits are not on the ground floor.  Please inform us at the time of booking if there is not a lift to upper levels.

The exhibits are rugged in construction and designed to be easy to transport and set-up.
Each set of exhibits stacks onto 2 trolleys making them easy to store and move around.

Teacher Notes
Comprehensive teacher notes accompanies each set of exhibits and will be available to you via email when the booking is confirmed.

MaterialWorks Exhibit List
ForceWorks Exhibit List
LightWorks Exhibit List
SoundWorks Exhibit List
ElectricityWorks Exhibit List
LifeWorks Exhibit List